Dealer Warranty

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Your clients and team members are going to have drops and spills that may very well cause one of our accessories to become damaged in the line of duty. That is what they are for, protecting your mobile devices.

There is no need to worry. Your friends at AxiomV have you covered.

We have a no questions asked Dealer & Enterprise warranty program that works like this:

Customer Care

Please take care of your customer onsite when they return to your retail store or or IT department for warranty service.

For one thing, our program gives you the confidence to sell our premium products. Secondly, it helps get more traic to your store for future upgrades and new sales. AxiomV can process warranty claims from our corporate headquarters, but we prefer that our dealers provide local service. It is up to you whether or not you charge a service fee for the reinstall. AxiomV will first guide warranty claims to their local dealer and let the client know that it is typically cheaper and quicker to go back to the dealer’s store for warranty service. Our warranty replacements are sent back to you without retail packaging but include install kits. Please keep the retail package that you opened to provide the local warranty service with, and then refill it with the replacement kit we send you.

No Questions

There are no issues that are not covered with our warranty coverage. We will accept them all. End of story.


We will replace your warranty claim on your next order in the following manner. For every new purchase of a product, we will process one warranty claim for like product. It is a 1 to 1 exchange rate for similar product.

For example:

You buy, 10 iPhone 6 AxiomV GLASS units.

You have 3 warranty claims for Samsung S6 AxiomV GLASS units.

We will send to you, at no charge, 3 unpackaged Samsung S6 AxiomV GLASS units.

You can use your warranty credits for a available model phone.

If something unexpected pops up and gives you grief, just reach out to us and we will take care of you. 


Our warranty team can be reached at:

855-329-4668 x 2