Life's A Beach Wipeouts Happen Warranty Program

Wipe Outs Happen

Hey we get it. Wipeouts happen. Stumbles, drops and falls occur in our lives and when they do, we have you covered with our Life’s A Beach Wipeouts Happen Program. Don’t be caught with a substandard protection plan when you can easily find the best forms of protection and programs with Axiom V. You are covered whether you purchase directly from, in person from one of our Mobile Lifeguards, or from one of our authorized retail dealers.

Our Life’s a Beach Wipeouts Happen Program automatically protects you with:

How do I become a Member?

By simply creating an account on either at the time of your first purchase on or after purchasing one of our products from one of our Mobile Lifeguards or at an authorized dealer you will become a member of our Life’s a Beach Wipeouts Happen Program.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Have you lost that loving feeling? Don’t worry, we are here to help you find what you need or assist you in processing a return*. Please reach out to us at within 30 days of your purchase. (*our standard return policy applies)

No Receipts, No Worries

Got your receipt from 3 years ago? It is a hassle and no fun, to have to find proof of purchase when you find yourself in a wipeout. We

make it simple for you and only request that you reach out to us at to help you process a warranty replacement*.

Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty

A couple things here really set us apart from the stodgy old man corporations. First, you NEVER have to ship us anything back to get a warranty replacement. We think that is ridiculous and just unfriendly to both your time and the environment. Please just put the old unit in the recycling bin. The other groups out there do require you to ship back your old product. Uncool. 

Secondly, we will never ask you for the right to charge you full Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) for your warranty replacement in case your old product is not returned in 30 days. That is what the other groups do. They charge you for shipping it back, waste money and energy on that effort, and then in case your life gets busy and you forget to send back the old unit, they charge you full MSRP pricing. Double thumbs down. If you ever experience a wipeout and need a replacement, Axiom V will replace it for free. We simply ask that you contact us at and a free replacement* will be sent to you at your request. Sweet.

Wipeout Replacements For Life

Our products are built to last but with time you may need to get a refresh on them. You know, put some polish on it. Spice it up a bit.



Amazing Offers

As a member of our Life’s a Beach Wipeouts Happen program, you will receive notice about upcoming offers and other cool opportunities regarding your Mobile Life.